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So I’ve been wondering and worrying if this is normal for a year old baby to not even flip on her own. Or do much on her as sit up, I’ve been worrying like crazy and if its normal and that she’ll end up doing it eventually.

Has anybody ever had this problem, because I’m worried that if I call the development people that will come out and help, but I’m afraid it’s just going to cost a lot of money, and we NEED to save money to the side for Pedro for certain reasons.

And for her poor weight gain, will it be just she’s going to petit?

So what should I do about the development, because she has not moved or sat up on her own at all, I put her on her stomach and she flips over just fine, but she won’t flip back, nor will she sit up on her own. Help?

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Happy Birthday Little Ones.

A year has passed by, and we had our ups and down with them, they were a handful, and they could be the sweetest they could be.

For two months I could not hold them, and now here they are in my arms. Through the tears that I shed, and the blood that was spilled [metaphorically] they were there to brighten up my day.

Even though, their grandparents can be such an asshole, and try to judge me or Pedro of how we raised them they were their to pick us up.

Throughout the year, you two gave us a hard time, and you babies, could make me frustrated, sad, and happy at the same time.

I love you, just know that no matter what happens, I’ll always be there for you two throughout the bad and the good times.

Happy Birthday, Selene Alice & Peter Aiden Diaz!

You two are my world. :) 

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We are literally looking into some cheap homes or apartments for we can lease for at least up to 6 months or a year. 

Also his family can fend for themselves now, because Pedro has had it, they pushed him too much, and I can understand why he did what he did, he’s stressed and they can’t appreciate for what he’s doing, except by taking what they want from him.

His sister had it coming to him either way, always running her mouth off, I can’t say that I feel the least bit remorseful towards her. Pay back is a bitch.

So we’re looking into homes, so we can save up for at least a house on land, and he told them that if his brother’s girlfriend get’s pregnant, not to come calling him for help because he couldn’t even bother to help him out with bills. :)

I’m happy to be honest, maybe he can be less stressed about things, and also his mom is just pissing me off, by saying to her son that just cause he’s working he’s all a big man. That just made it even more of a reason why he want’s to move now, and says once we’re gone, he’s cutting off contact with them.

Pedro does everything for his family. He pays for the water, insurance for both houses and cars, gas, lights, internet, fills up twice a week for gas, Selene’s Dr’s bills, food, phone, and for essentials we all need. 

I just know his family doesn’t realize this, he’s not made of money, they expect him to pay for everything, he has a family of his own too, and yet they think he can do so much better.

His dad can’t work because of some circumstances, and his brother is working, but the thing is, he doesn’t even bother helping him out, only when he needs something. I was surprised he even put in some money for groceries yesterday because he never seems to want to, saying he doesn’t have no money, but here he comes with stuff in his hand for him and girlfriend.

I swear they are all pissing me off. His sister writes shit saying I don’t wash the dishes, except I’ve only been washing my dishes and no one else’s, yeah there have been times where I would forget to wash and clean up after myself, but I still do it.

All for one cup that I didn’t wash, everyone get’s into an attitude with me, so that’s when Pedro talks to them, he starts getting pissed saying why they can’t even come talk to me about it, instead of telling him, so he just told me to do what I need to do for myself and the babies and not for anyone else. And so I’ve been giving his sister an attitude, and haven’t talked to his mom, I haven’t let them take care of my babies either, because they are complaining about that shit too, saying I don’t take care of them. 

Yesterday though some shit happened, and I know I’m not feeling welcomed or wanted in this house anymore. I’ve been contemplating about this for a while now and think it would be best if I leave the house and move back in with my family, as much as I don’t want to, I think it’s best if I don’t live here anymore with people that don’t even like me, and talk about me behind my back and not say shit to my face. 

And now Pedro want’s to leave, I’m pretty sure of it, but he know’s he can’t in this situation we’re in, it’s hard having to save up money and not get any help in return from his brother who goes out every single night.

#rant end#

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Seriously, he can’t even come talk to me, and now he sleeps on the couch.

I think he was smoking and drinking, so screw him, I’ve had enough of him now, he’s not going to talk to me, I’m going to make sure he tells me if he has or not, if he did I’m not going to be very happy.

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Well instead of spending Fourth of July with me or the babies, he decides to play video games all day, his dumb ass friend comes over, they go outside to hang, and here I am doing nothing except take care of the babies.

Then decides to go to Crosby and hang with more dumb ass friends he doesn’t like and leaves me here, I get onto him saying that he is always leaving me alone, almost every single weekend, and then he goes and says he doesn’t hang out with his friends that often, he comes over every single fucking weekend!! 

And he complains about that shit, I have never been more lonely in my entire life, and I can’t even get a fucking word in, and say’s I blame him for not having any friends, who say’s I was blaming him!!

It’s just he went off on New Year’s with his friend to get drunk, and I had to go pick his ass up!! 

I am not happy!! 

I am so lonely and I just don’t know what to do anymore, I am beyond my limits now, and he doesn’t understand and thinks that he has it hard. 

-Sighs- Life sucks for me. :/

  • Mom: Amy mija, are ur babies also my babies too??
  • Me: why?
  • Mom: Just want to know why?
  • Me: Well they aren't yours. But you are their grandma.
  • Mom: OOHH!! :-(:'(
  • Me: Don't start ok.
  • Mom: No too u I'm nothing like always. Only Pedros family is who u care for. Don't answer back!!
  • Me: See this is the shit i hate when you do shit like that, and besides they are my kids and no one else's.
  • Me: All right. You know what just leave me alone, obviously you can't hear me out, and you never will listen to me. It always has to be your way or not at all. I won't ask for help or bring them by anymore i'll bring them by only when daddy is there. Other then that delete my number if your gonna go off on me like that like last time when i got no fucking apology from you when you cursed me out about the damn outfit.
  • And then you don't fucking get that I do love you and still depend on you, but I did apologize to you then too, but don't get it, i was wrong leaving like that and i'm sorry for what happened, but what's done is done and i like to forget about, because here i am trying to make things work for you but i just get shut down by you.
  • Mom: That's fine that's the way u want it then be it. From now on we don't live for u anyway. We both died 2 years ago any ways 4 u. U don't get it and like I said u won't never intel the twins do the same thing to u as well.
  • U always think ur doing the right thing ur never wrong. If that's what u want to do with the twins they don't need to come visit there grandfather as well. We both don't live 4 u anymore.
  • And what about wha u did. Do u really think u did a great thing by just leaving us like u did and never fucking apology to none of us. So I will tell ur daddy that u are not coming to see us anymore or the twins. And I will tell him to take u of the ins. And car ins as well.
  • Remember that's what u want. We are died to u!! So u don't have come over with the babies as well. U have ur new family that u love an care 4. U and never will love us and care 4 us. Like we did!!
  • U never did and u never will. Because what u did was right not wrong. Because u want it this way. That's why. U have another way of seeing me. I'm not ur mother in ur eyes. And I will never be. All I ever wanted was the very best for u and my little Angels. U don't get it. I have more experience in rasin a child. But u don't see that. U only see the bad in me. And never the good.
  • Me: Heh oh you have no idea what i see in you, but you always have to do it your way these are my kids you need to let me learn, i mean i'm already trying to grow up with the babies but you won't even give me the chance all i want is advice not do things you way, i have my own way of parenting because i'm not like you, i love you but you make it very hard to get along with you, i see you as my mother, not friend i'm your flesh and blood, you went through a lot to give me what i wanted but it just what i didn't want things i just wanted to hang out with my family, have a good time. You don't see that I adore you, but you just hate my idea of doing thing when they aren't yours. You compare me to somebody else when i'm not. I see you as someone who lost her only daughter because of the decision she made and it hurt, you did go through a lot, but don't think I did too.
  • And here you are claiming them as like some kind of thing but they aren't they are human beings who will me as well.

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This momma is not in a happy good jolly mood. :/

Not since yesterday when I was promised to go see the Avengers since it came out, and now he promises to go see it next week, I doubt it is ever going to happen. After all, all we do is hang out with his best friend, and not with each other.

I am very pissed, I don’t want him to make a promise he can’t very well keep, because I have been looking forward to that movie, and I can’t even go watch it. >:(

Yes, I know selfish. But I don’t care at the moment!

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